Pierre Poux

Pierre Poux
SHORE Founder and Long Time Board Member

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of SHORE Founder and long-time Board Member Pierre Poux.  Pierre, among others, founded SHORE after a homeless man froze to death on the streets of White Plains in 1985. SHORE (Sheltering the Homeless is Our Responsibility) became a strong  advocate for safe shelters and,  over time, expanded its mission to build and buy transitional houses for homeless families, continuing  this work through to the present time.

Pierre loved his work with SHORE and devoted countless hours and great energy to our work, bringing his keen intelligence, his deep compassion and his quick wit to our efforts.  Pierre was always humble about his work with SHORE and the many other volunteer efforts that he took part in throughout his life to help people who were disenfranchised. Pierre continued his work with SHORE for almost 38 years, well into his 90s, and continues to support the organization even now, as he has asked that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to SHORE.

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